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   The first SCOOP was published in 1998.  It is a student newsletter that is created in an elective class that gives students the opportunity to create a newsletter that shares information about their lives as students in the US.  Students learn journalism skills that include writing, editing, photography, interviewing, and page design.  For years, the SCOOP was published in a paper format.  Approximately three years ago, the SCOOP became digital, allowing it to be enjoyed by many of our program alumni via the internet.  The SCOOP hopes to be a voice for the students of the Sonoma State American Language Institute (SSALI) while helping them improve their written communication skills.  Additionally, it hopes to inspire international students at SSALI to participate in the experience and learn about the American culture through journalism and social media.

Scoop - Sonoma State American Language Institute

A Moment of Gratitude from the students of SCOOP

I went back to Japan during this semester to attend my brother's wedding. I was so excited because since I came t the U.S., I had never went back to Japan, but also I was worried about my absent, but my teachers understood me and they supported my assignments. Thanks to that I was able to enjoy the time with my family in Japan. Thank you very much!!!-Asuka

Thanks a lot to Everybody I have met before. Words cannot convey my gratitude. 

Merci, Gracias, Danke, grazie, شكرا, คุณขอบคุณ, 감사합니다, cảm ơn bạn, 謝謝, спасибо, obrigado, dank um, ありがとう!-Shunsuke

I want to say thank you to my host parents, Tim and Karen. Thank you for hosting. You treat me like a family. I feel like you are my real  family. I have many good memories with you guys. We watched the football game, went to volunteer to help the homeless, played a card game and beat me. We decorated a Christmas tree, ate a lot of food for Thanksgiving. The time I spent with you guys became very important in my whole life. Thank you for letting me have a lot of experiences. The dishes you make are really great. I am a lucky son! It was really good for me that I could meet you. Let us be sure to meet again.  - Koki

I studied at Sonoma State University about 3 months. That is a short time, but I had a lot of good memories in here. I make friends with some international students. They are so friendly, they taught me some sentences about their country. I know some things about your country It is so interesting. I love them. Each day I go to school, I studied a lot from the teachers, my friends. They usually make me smile. The teachers of SSALI are so good. They taught me about grammar, composition, communication, vocabulary, reading, computers, etc. I love Debra because she usually prepares coffee and cake before we come every morning. Next semester, I don't study in this school. I will miss them so much. :( :( Thank you teachers, my friends, my school about everything. DON'T FORGET ME! - Nguyet

I want to say thank you to all teachers. I enjoyed them because I studied for these teachers. All the teachers were good! :) - Amer

Wedding Bells at SSALI

Sonoma State Anthem !!