The SSALI Student Newsletter

                                Welcome to SSALI SCOOP

   The first SCOOP was published in 1998.  It is a student newsletter that is created in an elective class that gives students the opportunity to create a newsletter that shares information about their lives as students in the US.  Students learn journalism skills that include writing, editing, photography, interviewing, and page design.  For years, the SCOOP was published in a paper format.  Approximately three years ago, the SCOOP became digital, allowing it to be enjoyed by many of our program alumni via the internet.  The SCOOP hopes to be a voice for the students of the Sonoma State American Language Institute (SSALI) while helping them improve their written communication skills.  Additionally, it hopes to inspire international students at SSALI to participate in the experience and learn about the American culture through journalism and social media.

Scoop - Sonoma State American Language Institute

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